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A Pacheco and Chino Mystery
New Series from Ted Clifton
Dog Gone Lies
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Sheriff Ray Pacheco returns from his introduction in  The Bootlegger’s Legacy to start his new venture as a private investigator.  This story introductions some  amazing characters; Tyee Chino, often drunk apache fishing guide and Big Jack, bait shop owner and  philosopher. Showing up at Ray’s remote cabin an obvious  showdog is out of place.  The dog will lead Ray into  the search for the missing owner who disappeared  from the Hot Springs Inn. Ray and his new team explore various options on  what might have happened to the woman.  This leads to confrontations with the local Sheriff and the FBI;  and two bodies; none of which are the missing  woman.
When an old-time bootlegger dies and leaves his son Mike a cryptic letter hinting at millions in hidden cash, Mike and his friend Joe embark on a journey that takes them through three states and 50 years of history. What they find goes beyond money and transforms them both.
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Although the mystery elements in this novel are certainly engaging enough to keep readers turning pages, it’s Clifton’s superb character development that makes this story a trans- formative journey of self-discovery. The cast of characters is so fully realized that even secondary players, such as Samantha, Mike’s manipulative wife, and Ray Pacheco, a Las Cruces sheriff, are memorable. In fact, Sally’s tragic tale steals the show. The noteworthy narrative also includes vivid backdrops, brisk pacing, and a meticulously researched, historically accurate account of the Prohibition era in Oklahoma and Texas.” “A tale with an authentic, immersive setting, inhabited by well-developed, endearing characters.” Kirkus Review 11/2015
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Lincoln County New Mexico was best known as the location of  The Lincoln County Wars; featuring the likes of Billy the Kid.   Martin Marino, the acting sheriff, was also short in stature, just  like The Kid—he was also crazy; no doubt just like The Kid.   Lincoln County survived Billy the Kid; Martin Marino might be a  different matter. Ray Pacheco and Tyee Chino have been asked by the state  Attorney General to find out what the hell was going on in the  Lincoln County Sheriff’s department.  Ray was sure there was  some big trouble waiting for them in Ruidoso.  Murder, lust,  madness and greed were visiting the high country.
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Fresh out of journalism school, Tommy Jacks begins his career as a newspaper reporter in the 1960s, finding intrigue, love, tragedy and maybe, himself.  His dad was a famous Oklahoma politico, serving time in state prison on trumped-up charges.  On the trail of a competing reporter’s killer, Tommy collects an interesting entourage of fools and geniuses.  Tommy Jacks: Muckraker.
Second book in the Muckraker Mystery Series.  Tommy Jacks is back and seeking answers to  one strange death after another.
Ted Clifton
"Clifton’s whodunit has solid pacing, a well-executed plot and a large cast of interesting suspects. However, what really sets Santa Fe Mojo apart are the layers of fine detail and an irresistible protagonist, and Vincent Malone is the kind of flawed but lovable lead character who is a great basis for a series. Santa Fe Mojo is a stellar start to what promises to be an entertaining series." Self-Publishing Review
SPR Review for Santa Fe Mojo
Murder mystery set in quirky Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Over-the-hill legal investigator finds new beginning assisting ancient gun-slinger lawyer, assumed dead by most, find the killer of big shot sports agent who had just told his top clients he had lost all of their money.  Interesting characters galore. 
A Vincent Malone Novel: Santa Fe Mojo
The Bootlegger’s Legacy
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Coming this Fall the second Vincent Malone Novel: Blue Flower Red Thorns 
“I read this book in two sittings, good thing I did it on the weekend, I had short nights!”
“Great character development without tedious description. I didn't want to put it down. I can't wait for the next book!”
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Ted Clifton
Murder Mystery --Love, Intrigue and Surprises!
“Ted Clifton covers all kinds of new territory and gives readers a young new hero in Tommy Jacks” Muckracker Series 1
”Rollicking good time.  A tale with an authentic, immersive setting, inhabited by well-developed, endearing characters. The adventure of a lifetime.”
Prequel to Pacheco & Chino Series
A dead body, lost show dog, a mystery in which a retired Sheriff finds adventure, love and some amazing characters in small town New Mexico.
Pacheco & Chino Series Book 1
“Very good reading. Kept my interest throughout the book. Loved the characters. Will read other ones like this. Keep it up.”
Pacheco & Chino Series Book 2
“This book has a lot of characters. Columnists, senators, murders. It has a good storyline. I believe Tommy Jacks will go far in his career as a columnist while trying to keep the enemies at bay.”
Muckraker Series Book 2
Vincent Malone, a classical private investigator at the end of his career, finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a dead big time sports agent and his professional athlete clients as suspects.