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My passion was always art.   While I never pursued a full time career as an artist I studied art in college and thought of myself as a creative person.  Out of necessity (needed a job that would pay to support a family) I became an accountant--the antithesis to creative; it was an odd choice but there were lots of opportunities for accountants.  Writing was part of my career as a financial person but consisted of financial type reports (very boring) or offering memorandums (a little less boring)--nothing creative (well they were not supposed to be creative).  Many years ago while I was still working as a CPA I tried writing a fiction mystery book.  As anyone who has tried writing a book will no doubt tell you it is harder than it looks.  That effort was very challenging to me and taught me I had a lot to learn.  It was some years later that I tried again The Bootlegger’s Legacy was the result.  I knew immediately that writing was what I wanted to do. We had moved from Oklahoma City to Las Cruces, New Mexico in the early 80’s.  Moving to the desert sparked a new creative urge to paint and do other art work.  The culture of New Mexico also was stimulating.  All of my books have a connection with either Oklahoma or New Mexico.  I was there and enjoyed much about both environments--maybe a little less so Oklahoma but it was an interesting time while I was growing up in the Bible belt. Today my wife and I reside in Denver.  I’m writing full time and have an aggressive agenda of books scheduled.  I have three series going, which is no doubt to many, but I like to create new characters and explore new avenues regarding the plot lines and the interaction of the characters.  I never know if the series will be two books or twenty, it more or less just happens.  Right now I am writing the Vincent Malone books and see at least three if not four before I go back to something or move forward into something different. Hope you enjoy my books.  Thanks!
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Ted Clifton
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© Ted Clifton 2015
Many of my stories take place in New Mexico, where I lived and painted for many years. 
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Hope everyone enjoys my new book, The Bootlegger’s Legacy.  This book builds on my own background (not as a bootlegger, by the way) in Oklahoma City, where I was born; Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I lived for many years and my love of a good mystery. Much of the background regarding a 1950s Oklahoma bootlegger is based on facts.  While most of the country gave up on prohibition many years before --Oklahoma remained dry into the 1950s.  This created a strange circumstance in the middle of the bible belt where bootleggers were quiet common and an unusually robust nightlife was going strong. All of my books focus on people.  The characters are what drive my stories.  In this latest book two main characters, Joe and Mike, deal with the conflicts in their personal lives while trying to discover the hiddin millions maybe or maybe not left by the old bootlegger to his son. One of the strongest characters in the book is Sally--the bootlegger’s very young mistress.  I was emotionally attached to Sally and enjoyed telling her story. Some of the characters from this book will be featured in two new series of books that will start to be published in late 2015--the Pacheco and Chino, PI’s books and also the Blue Door Inn series. Thanks very much for reading my books.
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